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Most property investors are facing these problems

Not able to rent out their property consistently.

Low property appreciation after many years.

Too busy with work and have no time to manage their rental business.

Newbie investor who has no knowledge in property management.

All these sounds familiar to you?

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MaxROI is a modern ecosystem of combining real estate investment with room rental business and facilitated by today’s technologies!

Chester Properties is collaborating with iBilik to bring you a One-Stop Unique Solution to your property investment needs. Just speak to our consultant today to find out more.

With this collaboration, you’ll enjoy a hassle-free room rental business managed by a professional team endorsed by iBilik. You can turn your investment into an income generating asset without doing all the heavy lifting yourself.

With this collaboration with iBilik, Chester Properties wants to help every investor to fulfill their property investment needs and maximise their Return On Investment.

Introduction of iBilik

iBilik was established back in Year 2010. It started out as a simple website that allowed potential room renters to quickly and easily find a room.

Now, iBilik has grown to become Malaysia’s Largest Room Rental Web Portal with over 20,000+ daily website visitors.

Over the years, they have hosted over 500,000+ room listings, and successfully helped 30,000+ property owners to rent out their rooms.

As part of their expansion plan, iBilik also owned, more than 20 active Facebook Groups and other social media profiles.

iBilik has the most advanced Room Rental Management System (RRMS) in the market.
Together we can help you to build a Profitable & Automated Rental Business.

And Many More ...

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Easy steps to enroll in the MaxROI program.

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We offer tactical real estate investment planning for real estate investors, transform investors asset into profitable business while keeping the property gain for the long run. So what are you waiting for? Click the button below and start discussing with our consultant now!

Introducing A MaxROI Project

The Sunsuria Forum

6.6% Rental Yield !!!

Most Wanted Rental Location !!!

RM23,000 Additional Renovation Voucher !!!

Sunsuria Forum @ Setia Alam

We Are Building Everything Best For You

Embark on a new way to live, work and socialise in one desirable address where your living-lifestyle is redefined. Inspired to bring in a whole new level of vibrancy in the 13.5-acre development, Sunsuria Forum @ 7th Avenue will definitely be the next talk of the town where classic space meets urban excitement in a distinct ambience.

Reason why you should invest property in Setia Alam.

World Class Trading Hub

Port Klang has become a major trading hub connecting Asia and the Western continent. And Setia Alam is one of the fastest-growing satellite towns in Klang.

Rental Demand & Property Value Gain

According to iBilik's data, Setia Alam is among the top 10 most demanded room rental areas in Malaysia. It has become a fastest growing living community in Klang.

Business Opportunities

Surrounded by thousands of factories and warehouses, Klang is an important commercial center and Setia Alam will be the best place to live, work and invest.

Achieve MaxROI From Your Sunsuria Forum Investment

Based on data provided by iBilik, room renting demand in Setia Alam is on the rise. This is mainly due to younger crowd are attracted to Setia Alam and more new companies are setting up their business there.

By taking advantage of these factors, you can expect the following when you purchase a property in Setia Alam.

  • Projected up to 6.6% Rental Yield
  • Capital Appreciation

Sunsuria Forum Features

This project was initially developed as part of a plan to attract investors and families looking for investment and residential opportunities. Located in the center of the commercial business hub, this project houses almost all necessary institutions, such as corporate towers, hospitals, schools, shopping malls, convention centre, recreational park, and more.

Landscape & Facilities
Developer Experience
Ease of Access
Return on Investment

Sunsuria Forum Gallery

360° Virtual Tour

New Owner's Feedback

I am fortunate to found Chester Group at the right time. They are providing professional consultation and being very patient in answering my questions and giving me good investment advice. My wife really loves this new property and is planning to get a second unit for our own stay. Thank you Chester!

Shaun Ling
We can't speak highly enough about our experience with Chester Group Properties. This is my 3rd investment with them, and their service is always high quality with the finest touch. Thanks again to Chester Group for being such a pleasure to deal with.

Crystal Chock
Property owner
I received an invitation from Chester Group regarding a soft launch. I was amazed the moment I stepped into the show units because I am very impressed with the landscape and workmanship quality of the project. I’m really excited and can’t wait to invite my friends to visit this project.

Alan Nbh
Project Manager

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