Do you really think that if you own a home, you can simply wait around each month and receive rent on time?

But only later you discovered:

Rent collection is not always simple and timely!

Tenant tend to delay paying their rent!

Tenant not paying electricity bill on time!

Why do you often feel as though the tenant has more control than you? By right, you should be the one who set the rules for your tenant!


In this one-hour sharing session, iBilikPlus will show you how to transform passive revenue into automated income by solving your day-to-day business problems using the system. You will learn:

  • How to automatically remind tenants to pay their rent?

  • How to make a "No Money" tenant become "Got Money"?

  • How to manage bad tenants and get them to leave willingly?

  • How to save time by eliminating manual calculation of utility bills?

  • How to make your tenant happy and stay longer?

  • How to find a quality new tenant easily?

    Limited seats only!

    What’s in iBilikPlus?

    Rental Management System App

    Smart Door Lock + Smart Meter

    Payment Gateway

    iBilikPlus Mission

    No rent is impossible to collect.

    No more unpaid overdue utility bills.

    No tenant is too difficult to handle.

    Happy Customers’ Testimonial

    Social issues in the rental industry…

    (Sibu, 8th)

    Despite many attempts by the landlord to contact the tenant, the tenant had not paid the rent for three months. The tenant seemed to be avoiding his landlord on purpose.

    The female landlord had no choice but was forced to request that the power be turned off by TNB for her property. So, the female landlord invited the police officers and the TNB officer to her house yesterday morning. The female landlord used a backup key to open the door in front of the police officers. They discovered that the tenant is still residing in the home because the tenant’s possessions are still in the house.

    News source (Chinses):

    A young couple has bought a new house and is getting ready to move in, but the former owner’s tenant refuses to vacate even after the electricity is turned off. The renter stated that the previous owner of the property had not informed him of the change in ownership and that he had only recently learned about this situation.

    What’s more, the tenants who are unwilling to move out have not paid their electricity bills. Unfortunately for the new owners, they must continue to pay their new home’s electricity bills while living at the hotel.

    This required the new owner to request assistance from the police. The only person inside the house was a woman with limited mobility, and the two dogs kept barking, making it impossible for the cops to convince the tenant to unlock the door.

    Additionally, the tenant claimed that he did not know the house was sold, and that he paid rent and utilities on time; then he said that the former owner had indeed notified him and asked him to move out, but the notice time was too short for him to find a new place to live.

    The tenant requested an extra month. The new owner initially refused because he and his new wife are now living in the hotel. After a long negotiation with the police, an agreement was finally reached. By April 1st, the tenant must vacate the property and leave. He must not destroy the property because doing so will result in legal action being taken against him.

    News source (Chinses): 南洋地产

    Seats are limited based on 1st come, 1st served only.

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    More than 469 owners have started using our system. What are you waiting for?

    Seats are limited based on 1st come, 1st served only.



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